Philippe Starck modular kitchen towers from Warendorf for compact modern homes

Andrea Divirgilio / November 29, 2011

The modern kitchens have become a place to lunch & dine as well besides serving as the cooking area. And, in tune with the hi-tech abode, the kitchen too has gone hi-tech with fitted kitchen cabinetry, integrated appliances. We have earlier told you hi-tech kitchen cabinetry for modern homes, including the circular kitchen, Ferrari kitchen which too featured integrated cabinetry in rotating cabinets to reveal different facets and the world’s most expensive fitted kitchen by desinger Paul Marazzi. The latest is “Starck for Wanderhof.” After transforming the use of space and adding aesthetics in creations like the St. Trop Steam Shower, and the Axor Shower collection, Philippe Starck has created the much awaited modular kitchen tower for modern homes, by Warendorf. Compact and stylish, there is very little that these kitchen towers compromise on, but at the same time, comes much to the rescue of those who have limited spaces to operate with.

Philippe Starck's rotating kitchen tower by Warendorf

Taking such one square meter of space, these kitchen towers combine every utility that a normal kitchen would provide. Separated by a hot tower which has the steam oven or a chosen design of conventional oven, there is also space for cold corner which would have the refrigerator and freezer. The front of the tower would be space for various kitchen utilities such as space for utensils, and other kitchen household items. If further utility is what might be the need, then there are avenues for an integrated dishwasher or even the microwave.

Philippe Starck's rotating kitchen tower by Warendorf

Though the kitchen tower remains closed on 3 sides, the 4th side is left to the buyer to decide on what it could be used for. Place a blackboard like surface and you can use it for scribbles, or if looking good in the kitchen is what strikes you, then this side of the tower could be a full-length mirror. Also the there is flexibility of the units being rotating, adding to ease of everyday usage.

Starck for Wanderhof

But we are also being now told that utility and customizations don’t end here. Buyers have the option of selecting from 300 different surface types for these towers including options in wood, glass, and textured laminations. Others options would include various handle shapes, handle-less mechanisms, and utility variations as we mentioned above. Looking into these factors, it virtually leaves the designing of the kitchen to your hands, with these towers being just one of the options.

Via: Warendorf/ Fresh Home/ Gizmodo

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