Philips Unveil Diamond-Encrusted Ambilight LCD TV

Andrea Divirgilio / January 9, 2007

ambilight lcd tv 12
Though, Sharp stole the show with the announcement of its 108-inch LCD TV, but if elegance and opulence are the words that catch your attention then this diamond-encrusted Ambilight FlatTV from Philips will match your royal taste. Philips Electronics unveiled this stunning diamond-encrusted Ambilight FlatTV to celebrate its one millionth Ambilight FlatTV. The 42-inch Ambilight LCD HDTV features 225 carats of diamonds that are applied along the sides and edges of the TV’s frame to accentuate the ambient effect. Seems like Philips took inspiration from the creators of Yalos diamond TV set. Apparently, this Ambilight FlatTV is not for sale, so you don’t need to start providing for it for the time being!

via Engadget

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