Pingtuated Equilibripong retro table will bring back the old world charm into ping-pong

Andrea Divirgilio / December 2, 2011

There was a time when ping-pong tables just remained ping pong tables. With modernism and functionality ruling the day, they have been converted into multi-functional furniture with artistic elements imbibed. Some examples we showed you, include the James Purse convertible table, and also the top 5 convertible table options which had a few options included. Now joining the league with an aim to retain the old world charm is the Stephen J Gould inspired Pingtuated Equilibripong table, designed by Axel Yberg of Akke Functional Art.

Pingtuated Ping Pong table

For those that may not know, Stephen.J.Gould was the man who became a pioneer of the theory evolution, otherwise called Punctuated Equilibrium. According to that, everything changes at a certain pace over time, when suddenly it undergoes a major change. This was in opposition to Charles Darwin theory, which propagated that everything occurs gradually. Inspired by the evolution theory, Axel Yberg uses the fusion of different fabrics, with multiple textures to build this functional piece of furniture. In terms of woods, there are 7 rare varieties like black walnut, cherry, and holly along with the rather evolutionary use of objects such as recycled plumbing pipes, steel, glasses and mirrors, and even Edison reproduction light bulbs! The borders and frames of the tables will be evidence of that, where the recycled pipes told the 2 sets of ping-pong balls and rackets, where as the other materials do the job of lending the exotic touch to the table’s frame and stands.

Pingtuated Equillibrium Ping Pong table

Since this is a piece of art created specially by Axel Yberg, the price hasn’t been revealed as yet. Hopefully, on direct contact with the guys at Akke functional Art, one might be able to hang of it, or perhaps order one for him/herself.

Via: Akke/ Mocoloco

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