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Pitbull Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 8 Million
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Born on: 15th Jan 81 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Singer and Rapper
Pitbull net worth is estimated at $8 million. Pitbull  is born as Armando Christian Pérez. Arnando Christian Perez is a well known American pop and rap singer and songwriter who is famous for his best selling singles “I know You Want Me,” and “Krazy.”  The hunky Cuban American man worth more than $8 million dollars was born on January 15, 1981 in Miami into a beautiful loving Cuban family where his parents made him recite poetry daily to help educate the young man with literature. Pitbull net worth came from his work as a rap singer and song writer as well as from his top selling albums. As time went on and his music improved Pitbull was introduced to Lil Jon. Lil Jon liked the newly evolving artist so much he invited Pitbull to do a track with him on his new album which Lil Jon named, “Pitbulls Cuban Ride Out.” The song then became famous along with Pitbull and the star finally got his break in the music industry and so was the beginning of Pitbull net worth . After, the star finally set out to make his own album called, “Miami,” and the song from that album known as, “Culo,” become a Billboard hot 100. Pitbull’s estimate net worth is $8 million, which he so proudly deserves for his talented ability to write and sing to his own rap and pop songs. One of the first hottest selling singles that helped him get to where he is now is “Drop it on the Floor.” Then in March 2011, Pitbull came out with another brilliant single, “Give me Everything,” which featured Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer and became a billboard hot 100 augmented  Pitbull net worth. This American pop rapper has a very private life. He doesn’t give details on where he is living or how he spends his money because he feels it no one else‘s business, but his own. However, you can , rest assure he is spending most of his well earned money on his beautiful children, wife and home to keep them happy and well cared for. He also has stated in interviews and albums that, “Money is a major issue in life,” but that doesn’t mean he has money problems going on. He just suggests that without money life is a bit harder to get through at times, but as long as you have each other that’s all that is important- this added a sweet charisma to  Pitbull net worth.
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2013 Fiat

Pitbull owns Fiat which has three transmission options, including a Powertech 6F24 automatic transmission from Hyundai, and will come with electrically boosted power steering that has a sensor and electric motor mounted to the rack itself.
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