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Plane fanatic builds $30K Boeing 747 Flight Simulator in his bedroom

Andrea Divirgilio / October 19, 2007

boeing 747 flight simulator

You are, in no case, going to miss the news if you are an aviation fanatic, DIY crazy, or simply a person on the hunt for cool things. We have earlier introduced you to the luxurious Boeing 747 House Project and now, a man named John Davis has build a Boeing 747 flight simulator in a room in his house. The 47-year-old divorced spent eight years and £15,000 (US $30,733) to build the incredible jumbo jet cockpit. The flight deck touts a simulator which recreates every switch and sound on a Boeing 747. He has used an old car sea as the leather flight chair to lift the undercarriage, switch to automatic pilot and settle back to enjoy the traverse. The life-sized replica of the cockpit is mainly constructed from wood except the autopilot system, throttles and weather radar, which he sourced from the internet.

John cites that he always wanted to be a pilot but he was never any good at math so, this was the next best thing he could do. He has now quit his job as a graphic designer to run a flight simulation business from his two-bedroom terraced house in Tile Hill, Coventry. He charges £65 for an hour and £95 for two. Pay him £220 for a four-hour session and you could enjoy a simulated flight from Birmingham to Amsterdam. The simulator comes with all the software you need to recreate take-offs and landings at just about any airstrip in the world.

via Gizmodo / Spluch

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