Platinum glory matches the uniqueness of GBF concept car

Andrea Divirgilio / January 14, 2010

gbf over p001 super car 1

While diamonds are the favored accompaniment with platinum for most the companies in their timeless masterpieces, the Over P001 GBF supercar has broken the historical use of the irresistible metal when unveiled at Valenza Gioielli 2009, the international showcase event for haute jewelry. The Over P001 GBF project with its motto of “Future is Over,” is the result of a collaboration of world-class experts, the great Argentine motor racing driver – José Froilán González and former Ferrari engineer – Giotto Bizzarrini, reflected in the acronym GBF, from González–Bizzarrini-Futuro. The Over P001 GBF features two seats plus one with many of the accessories and interior fittings are crafted from platinum, which has been used on the steering wheel, to cap the gearstick and for the star-shaped switches on the dashboard. Platinum has also find place on the exteriors to create the logo on the car’s nose, the mascot, the petrol and oil caps and the wheel hub caps and not to miss the exhaust system, whose pipes are linked internally with custom-designed non-polluting platinum catalytic converters.

gbf over p001 super car 2

gbf over p001 super car 3

Via: James List

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