Platinum-infused moisturizer by La Prairie

Andrea Divirgilio / September 29, 2008

la praire platinum moisturiser 7sT8W 5965

If you think you can be the next big thing in the Hollywood, here is something for you. For bloated egos and snotty noses, the launching of a platinum infused moisturizer must do the trick. La prairie has launched the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, which is being distributed among well-known celebrities and socialites. Platinum, in fact, is known for its amazingly rejuvenating properties and has already been documented in high profile papers as one of the most effective skin-care treatments. The platinum-based moisturizer has restorative properties, and it heals and fixes skin like never before. It even adjusts to high and low temperatures and humidity. This probably should allow you to travel to Acapulco and not appear oily whether rain or shine. Each jar of the Cellular Cream platinum rare costs $1,000 and will smooth not only your skin, but also your bulging wallet.

Via: Stylephile/ProductPage

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