Podtime sleeping pods come with doors to shut out the world

Andrea Divirgilio / March 10, 2011

podtime pods
The digital lifestyle has made power naps all the more important for increased productivity. And for those employees who themselves believe in power naps, Podtime has designed sleep pods to provide the luxury of sleep at your workplace. Unlike the sleep pods we have told you about in the past, this one is designed to let you rest in bed-like comfort. The pods are made from recyclable material and feature high quality foam mattresses and pillows covered in faux leather. The pods are properly ventilated, so you can even lock your pod from the inside to rest in peace. Each pod has a digital clock to let you keep a track of the time. Unfortunately, the pods are not available for sale but on booking basis at 25 Canada Square.

Via: Springwise/Podtime

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