Pontiac Firebird

$ 0
Top Speed
160 mph (260 km/h) (mph)

Pontiac Firebird was built by Pontiac, General Motors in the year 1967 and was phased out in the year 2002. The Firebird was introduced in the same year as that of the Chevrolet Camaro, which set a benchmark for the future of American Muscles. The muscle car was powered by a V8 by General Motors till 1988, after which General Motors started discontinuing engine models which they thought were not essential. The Pontiac was later powered by a new engine made by corporate architecture.


The Firebird initially was powered by a 3.8 L V8 Pontiac OHC 16 producing 215 bhp. The SOHC 1.6 produces 250 bhp. The car is massively fast, conquering 0 – 100 mph in over 12.3 seconds while 0 – 60 is done in over 4.4 seconds. It features a 3 / 4 speed manual transmission to deliver power to wheels.


Pontiac Firebird introduced General Motor’s ignition switch steering wheel system in the market for the very first time. Previously all Pontiac cars used to have their ignition switch mounted to the dashboard. The car also had some very fancy designing in the interiors. A lot of aluminum work and carbon fiber cloth was used in the interiors. It does not look very pretty, but it was never made for aristocracy.


The first model of the Pontiac Firebird had the typical coke bottle styling, the front bumper of the car was built as a whole and not attached separately while the tail light was inspired from the Pontiac GTO, the mother of all muscles. The car featured two models, the hard top and the convertible. The design of Firebird was made on the same platform as that of the Corvette.