Pooch Hotel: An ultimate vacation experience for Silicon Valley dogs

Andrea Divirgilio / July 29, 2010

most expensive pooch palace

We have seen Alan Mower’s Victorian mansion for dogs and lately, the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel that offers luxurious accommodation for your furry friends. But nothing matches the grandeur and the comfort the Pooch Hotel in California offers to your pampered pooches. The Pooch Hotel makes sure that furry friend enjoys a grand holiday while you’re away. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Pooch Hotel has the most expensive hotel rooms for dogs in the nation, including the “Palace Suites,” which costs dog owners $100 a night per pet, and the charges remain the same even if more than one dog stays spends a lavish night there. Giving stiff competition is the Deluxe Luxury Suite at the Wag Hotels, for which they charge $85 a night.

Pooch Hotel owner, Robin Tomb, says…

We had a couple leave their three dogs for 17 days at $300 per night in the Palace Suite. At the end, including extra amenities like baths, the bill was upwards of $4,000. And they said it was worth it for peace of mind.

For the “Presidential Suites,” Pooch Hotel charges $75 per night. While the Palace Suites are 12’ x 10’ or 20’ x 15’ in size, the Presidential Suites measure 9′ x 9′. Both the luxury suites feature luxury bedding, and a cable television and webcam, which help the dog owners to keep a tab on their friends from any place from their smartphone or PC.

Other luxuries include limo service for pets, a swimming pool, land treadmill and an underwater therapy treadmill. The hotel also has an intelligently named Spaw where your dogs can take pleasure in aromatherapy baths, facials, blow-dry and pawdicure.

Robin Tomb further said…

To our clients, these dogs are their kids. They treat them as such, and so do we. That’s what I think they really like about us.

The Pooch Hotel in the Silicon Valley is doing really well, so Tomb has plans to expand by increasing the 69 rooms to 133 and adding another 6-7 Palace Suites and 12-15 Presidential Suites.

Via: Forbes

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