Porsche 993 GT2
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Porsche 993 GT2

Porsche 993 GT2

The 993 GT2 burst on the international scene in 1995 as a rear-wheel drive car. It was in the mid 90s that the international road-racing sanctioning bodies and authorities placed either severe restrictions or outright bans on the four-wheel drive vehicles. Porsche deleted the front drivetrain and made their turbocharged, 993 into a legal and successful road-racer - the 993 GT2. That deletion also resulted in a benefit because the sports car became much lighter. Only about 50 of these road-racers were built and that explains the great demand that exists for them even today. Resale values for these cars range anywhere between $110,000 to $150,000 depending on the condition but Porsche collectors will be ready to pay even more for this Le Mans inspired 2-door coupe.


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The quest for lightness to build an excellent racer left its marks on the interiors as well. At first glance, the interiors were very similar to those of the Carrera RS. However, the seats were made of lightweight material. The sound-proofing was discarded to further reduce the weight. The bucket seats are large and very comfortable to sit in while the steering wheel is relatively small. Behind the wheel is an impressive array of gauges and dials which are large and white. The dash is relatively uncluttered because the GT2 has done away with many luxuries to keep it race-worthy. There are options available for air-conditioning. Vents are located all along the dash and are controlled by a central console.


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There is not much change in the general shape and design of the GT2 in comparison with its successful predecessor, the 993 Turbo. However, since the car was designed for racing alone, a lot of weight reduction has been brought in. This has been achieved through the use aluminium body panels. Large racing tires were been added for extra grip and stability. In order to accommodate these tires, the fenders were cut back and replaced using bolt-on pieces made of plastic. This further lightened the car and also made repairs of the fenders easier. The rear end seems to squat as if coiling for a leap. The headlamps are large in size while the tail lamps are wide. A large and powerful spoiler sits at the rear below which are located the large dual exhaust pipes.

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