Porsche 993 RS
Porsche 993 RS | $ 79,303
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Porsche 993 RS

Porsche 993 RS

The Porsche 993 RS is also known as the Porsche Carrera RS. The 'RS' stands for 'Renn Sport' which denotes that this is a sports car. The 2-door coupe was produced in the years 1995 and 1996 in limited numbers only. It was made to shed over 100 kgs compared to the standard 993 Carrera in an attempt to make it a lean and mean road racer. The sports car came in both the rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variants. However, the collection value of the car makes it a rare commodity to find easily, thus raising its actual market value. Thus, Porsche fans who are eager to own this model, often modify the standard Carrera on their own! These RS clones can be considered as the enthusiast's attempt to create something that is difficult to obtain.


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The quest for a lean and mean road racer resulted in Porsche dismantling the luxuries available within the 993 RS. The 100 kg reduction was achieved mainly through the jettisoning of the sound-proofing, the electric windows, the leather seats and the safety airbags. Even the floor carpets, the stereo and the air conditioning were not spared! The seats were replaced with light-weight racing seats and even the doors were modified into spartan ones that are not heavy. Thankfully, the seat belts were spared from the axe! The steering and the dashboard were very neat and sporty to look at while the gauges and dials were large and well-illumined. The whole cabin is spartan but highly functional.


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The 993 RS comes with a lot of muscle in terms of its body size and shape. These 'muscles' have been shaped to provide the maximum aerodynamic benefit. The bonnet of the car extends to over 2 meters in length which is almost half the car-length. There is no grille and the bonnet gently slopes to the number plate. Two large headlamps adorn the front while the rear lamps have been integrated as a strip that runs across the back. A large spoiler and aerofoil was added to the rear to improve the car's performance. The car is easily distinguished through its non-retractable rear wing, aluminium wheels and small flaps in the front. The roof slopes towards the rear and bumpers merge into the bodywork neatly.

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