Porsche 997 GT2 RS
Porsche 997 GT2 RS | $ 311,000
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Porsche 997 GT2 RS

Porsche 997 GT2 RS

For decades, Porsche has embodied the amalgamation of luxury and performance. They have constantly refined and redefined their cars with time. Equipped with their iconic coupe design, Porsche has successively carved its place in motor history. The Porsche 911, perched at the top of the family tree, laid the foundation for current generation 997. Porsche 997 models were meant to replace the aging 996 and are currently in production. The production of the turbo charged 997 models began in 2004; the versions Carrera and Carrera S started to hit the showroom in 2005. People saw the official launch of 997 at the 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show. Coupled with all wheel drive, Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S are absolute glam on wheels; Porsche began shipping them in late 2005. Much awaited Porsche 997 GT2 was unveiled in 2007. In 2010, Porsche announced the launch of a RS variant of the GT2, also known as the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The GT2 RS has more power in terms of bhp and was developed during 2007 in the face of competition from the east. Currently, the GT2 RS has a base price of 237,578 Euro in European nations. There is news that Porsche is going to produce a limited number of this baby.


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While designing the interior of the 997 GT2 RS, they went for complete reinvention and took cues from their older 991 series. They were very keen to keep the weight under control. They were generous in infusing carbon fiber wherever possible, be it in seats, rear spoiler or body work. The car has a compact dash board with all the necessary items placed neatly behind the steering wheel. The premium lovers might find the interior a little plasticky. The seats are comfortable and adjustable. The music system consists of CDR 30 audio system, USB ports, and nine 235W speakers. The car has an onboard GPS system for navigation.


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Porsche 997 GT2 RS has brought certain innovation in terms of design, compared to the 996. Some people say that the 997 presents an evolved form of 996, which is by no means revolting. The somewhat similar design to Porsche 996 has the iconic lazy style- term coined by Jeremy Clarkson- which is evident in all the models of Porsche. It has reverted back to circular head lights, which they made away with the 996. There is a spoiler at the rear end, and also there are big exhaust outlets at the rear and inlets in front of rear wheels. The beefy exterior of the car is made of carbon fiber to make it lighter. The color of the vehicle is fully customizable along with other things. The 997 GT2 RS weights around 1440 Kg.

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