Porsche Carrera GT

$ 480 Thousand
Top Speed
201.5 mph (324.3 km/h) (mph)

This is possibly one of the very few automobiles where manufacturer actually understated its capability. During official launch, Porsche claimed the car could manage 0 to 60 mph or 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Though Carrera GT was in fact capable of doing that in 3.5 seconds; that’s an outstanding 0.4 seconds’ better performance. The car came out in 2004 and production stopped in 2007. The idea behind the car dates back to late 1990s when Porsche conceived its V10 engine. It was designed for British F1 racing team Arrow. Later the project was shelved.


Porsche Carrera GT sported 5.7L V10 power house. With top power output of 450 kW, its performance could seriously look physics defying. Top power came out around 8000 rpm. Peak torque from the V10 was about 435 lb-ft. Lower floor housing along with 68° V angle gave the engine very secure center of gravity. Despite gigantic power capacity, it weighed only 214 kg. This was partly because of light alloy metal built. Forged construction gave it maximum torsional stiffness even at highest rpm.


Compared to other racing-inspired cars, Carrera GT was a class apart with maximum comfortable and plush. Standard interior construction was with soft leather and magnesium. A limited version was released with carbon fiber trims. Seats had no auto or electrically alignment facility. It was manual completely to shed extra load.


Navigation system on central panel and up-market Bose entertainment system was standard. Every car had its chassis number printed on console surface. Gear shift lever sits just side by the steering wheel for most comfortable lever shift. It also has left side ignition key, typical to Porsche cars.


It’s a pureblood racing machine with carbon fiber monocoque and sub-frame for agility and strength, even at monstrous acceleration. Beyond 110 km/h speed, rear spoiler comes into effect to offer better stability. The car was available in 5 color options – Seal Grey, Fayence Yellow, GT Silver, Basalt Black and Guards Red. For rough, you also get removable cover, which can be tucked into front boot. Besides, low floor design gave it distinct benefit in terms of better aerodynamics and very low centralized center of gravity.