Porsche purist hangs Porsche Spyder 550 in his living room

Andrea Divirgilio / November 16, 2009

gil dezer porsche on the wall
There’s no one who can match the Porsche fanaticism of Gil Dezer. We are going to remember this guy for a very long time, because he’s miserably beaten everyone who thought of themselves the biggest Porsche fan. The 34-year-old, self-proclaimed “Porsche fanatic” has hung a 1950 Porsche Spyder 550 in his living room. It’s not often that we meet someone who thinks of a car as art work owing to the exhausting labor that goes into the making of such luxury cars. Gil Dezer, who owns eight cars of that make, has mounted the car right above the front door of his 8,000-square-foot condo. The $80,000 Porsche is fully functional minus the engine and transmission but Dezer can control the car’s headlights and the horn through a touch-screen monitor next to the door. So much for the love of Porsche, but if you can forget this guy…can you?

Via: Miami Herald

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