Porsche teams up with Royal Falcon Fleet for luxury yachts

Andrea Divirgilio / September 11, 2008

porsche to design luxury yacht T6n6Q 5965

If you weren’t satisfied with all the yachts and boats we covered lately, you really must be a tough nut to crack. Well, here is something that must surely appeal to your expensive tastes. Porsche has teamed up with Singapore-based luxury yacht manufacturer Royal Falcon Fleet. With Porsche setting the center stage, we can rest assured that the collaborative efforts will lead to something that is not only luxurious, opulent and fashionable, but also something that would be hi-tech, functional and futuristic. The companies are planning to develop luxury catamarans and mega-yachts, one of which is the 135-ft motor catamaran, the RFF135.

Porsche would design the opulent looking exteriors and the interiors as well. Royal Falcon Fleet will take care of the technology and has roped in the Sweden-based marine engineering firm Kockums and Australian catamaran company Incat Crowther. The mega-yacht would do 35 knots and will leave you several millions poorer. This awesome yacht has everything that a billionaire requires; brand image, luxury, opulence, high technology and great design. However, it is not known when the yacht would actually reach the market.

Via: Luxist

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