Poseidon Concept Resort Fiji

Alberto / September 3, 2013

Luxury lifestyles enjoyed by the rich and famous usually have no limits. Poseidon, a mysterious and magnificent island resort situated in Fiji offers the wealthy a chance to enjoy all the comforts, conveniences and opportunities associated with 5 star hotels. Poseidon is the world’s first permanent one-atmosphere seafloor structure. It provides a grand combination of all the perks the super-rich like to enjoy while vacationing.


The beautiful Pacific Ocean island of Fiji is the result of an inactive volcano which gradually and eventually developed into a thriving coconut plantation. Several palm trees form a circle around the island, providing shelter and homes to different species of birds. Many varieties of sea turtles, dolphins, giant clams and local fauna such as coconut crabs can also be viewed in this magnificent island.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

A Poseidon trip offers several types of activities for the adventurous visitors who want to explore dream opportunities like navigating one’s own Triton submarine through a lagoon. The lucky few can therefore explore the oceans depth and also scuba dive in the clean pristine waters. The guests who desire a peaceful atmosphere to relax and unwind can indulge themselves in activities like marine focused spa treatments and meditation against the stunning backdrop of a star filled moonlit night.


The mysterious Poseidon Island resort offers two different types of accommodation facilities for their extra special guests who can choose between a normal above the ground living quarters and an exotic lodging situated under the sea.  The pampered guests will have the special opportunity to explore the other side of the comfortable and beautiful world during the course of their stay, with all luxury facilities at their beck and call.


Each of the 48 villas situated on the stunning Poseidon Concept Resort features its own private splash pool fitted with an open living room that offers a stunning view of a beautiful courtyard. The spectacular bungalows are decorated in a manner that easily complements its natural surroundings. Apparently each of the bungalows, locally known as “bures” are centrally air conditioned featuring carved wooden furnishings.


However the USP of Poseidon is provided by its more than 20 undersea suites that help to deliver a magnificent underwater experience. Each undersea suite will also be equipped with luxurious features like push button fish feeders and underwater lights. According to recent reports fine dining culinary excellence services will be provided both on Poseidon’s land resorts as well as its undersea suites. Other features include a dive shop and retail boutique along with theater area, library and wedding chapel. The resort will also be equipped with amenities like a tennis court, fitness center, private splash pools and an executive golf course.

Poseidon resort is still under construction and yet to be thrown open to the general public.

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