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Practice ‘Toilet Etiquette’ before sitting on this gold toilet worth $200,000

Andrea Divirgilio / November 24, 2011

Gold toilet

While gold prices are at record time high, royalty knows no boundaries. A royal toilet made in solid good makes a far cry from modesty. This gold-rich toilet is being showcased as part of the 11th World Toilet Summit currently being held in the city of Haikou. The capital of the island province of Hainan, also touted as the Chinese Hawaii, which attracts a plethora of tourists from all over the globe seems to be the most suitable venue to display this immaterial luxurious masterpiece. Though, golden toilets are not new to the world of luxury. We have earlier told you about the Inax Corp’s gold-plated toilet, which was on display at the Shanghai World Expo last year. The luxury toilets have indeed found their way into the homes of the rich and opulent, including the $75000 Swarovski-studded toilet for adults, and even the one meant for rich toddlers. This golden toilet which has been valued at $201,400.

The 32-kg toilet is coated with a 0.8 cm thick layer of 24K gold. For strength, the golden bowl is internally supported by a ceramic core and inherits Europe’s most luxurious toilet Milos in style. This gaudy looking sanitary ware can surely add a dash of glamor to your collection of art and antiques even if it doesn’t find suitable use in your lavatory. However ostentatious this maybe, we don’t see even the wealthy flushing out their money for something like this, when you can buy the world’s most technologically advanced toilet, Kohler Numi high tech for only $7000?

Via: Shanghailist/ ECNS

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