Prada Board Games for the Filthy Rich

Andrea Divirgilio / December 8, 2012

Premier purveyor of luxury fashion goods and accessories, the most influential Italian fashion label Prada’s horizons go beyond the confines of tailored suits and prints. The Italian leather-goods maker has now created a luxury line of Board Games, just in time for the holidays for to socialize in style. This exclusive range of Board Games, includes backgammon, checkers, a chess set, and nine men’s morries. The gaming sets has been crafted in Saffiano leather in white, black, and red, comes with matching leather cases and metal playing pieces.

Prada Board Games for the Filthy Rich

Prada Board Games for the Filthy Rich

These luxury board games from the house of Prada start with a price tag of $2,850 and move up to $3,650.

Prada Board Game for the Filthy Rich

Notably, the price doesn’t include the signature silver Prada symbol on the front and closing band.

Prada Board Games for the Filthy Rich

However, if you feel like splurging on these accessories, you can buy it at Prada Store ‘online’. The gaming sets range from €1,950 to €2,500.

Also, we have earlier seen some of the finest designer board games including the Geoffrey Parker’s most expensive Backgammon set priced at $387,890, the world’s most hi-tech $31,830 Scrabble set which was unveiled for Prague Mind Sports Festival, the world’s largest scrabble game which sells for $12,000, and most expensive chess set costing $77,880.

Via: Prada

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