Predicting The 5 Richest Contracts of 2013 NBA Free Agency Athletes

Alberto / June 23, 2013

Every year before the start of the NBA season, several teams go all out with the aim to bolster their respective squads. Teams with deep pockets try their level best to snap up free agents by offering them lucrative contracts. The value of these deals can shoot through the roof if the player in question is considered to be exceptionally talented. Rumors are rife that a few players from the free agency are all set to hit the jackpot when contracts are handed out this year.

Dwight Howard, currently employed with Los Angeles Laker, possesses an uncanny ability to dominate opponents with his dazzling skills. Media reports indicate that the Lakers might be tempted to ignore Howard’s back injury problems and offer him a five year deal valued at $117 million in order to avoid weakening their squad which is currently ridden with injuries to several of their key players. Even though Dwight was a little off the boil in the current season, he still remains a key part of the Lakers long term plans.

Chris Paul is considered to be one of the best point guards and the third best player in the NBA league. Hence it is not surprising that his current team, the Los Angeles Clippers will make an all-out effort to retain his services by offering him a five year contract valued at $108 million.

Josh Smith is considered to be one of the best all round players in the NBA league. Smith is a solid defensive player who can effortlessly straddle between many positions and packs in a mean punch with his shooting skills. His versatility might prompt a team like Houston Rockets to offer him a four year, $72 million contract. It is extremely unlikely though that Chris will continue to ply his trade with his current team, the Atlanta Hawks.

Andrew Bynum is considered to be one of the best two-way players plying their trade in the NBA. Bynum’s god gifted ability to utterly dominate any center in his path is a much sought after skill which might tempt teams to offer him $45 million for a three year deal. However this appears a bit unlikely given Andrew’s propensity to get injured easily.

Another player tipped to land a lucrative deal is Brandon Jennings, a scoring guard currently employed with Milwaukee Bucks. Brandon’s prolific ability to score has been noted by many NBA teams. Media reports indicate that Jennings turned down a four year contract valued at $40 million offered by the Bucks. Speculations are rife that he might be tempted by the opportunity to gain greater exposure with the Dallas Mavericks, who might offer him $44 million to avail his services over a four year period.

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