Premier Blue: The Largest Round Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond for Sale

Alberto / September 5, 2013

To help celebrate its grand 40th anniversary event in Asia, renowned auction house Sotheby’s is planning to put the world’s biggest and rarest round cut diamond under the hammer as part of the company’s “Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite” autumn sale. Apparently the one of a kind “fancy vivid” blue diamond is already creating ripples among the super-rich since it is tipped to fetch more than $19 million at the prestigious auction that will be conducted in Hong Kong on October 2013.


The exceptionally rare 7.59 carat precious stone is reportedly the size of a shirt button. It is expected to set a one of its kind worldwide sales record. The rarest of the rare brilliant cut, internally flawless stone has been aptly named as “Premier Blue” since it is the largest round fancy vivid blue diamond to be ever graded by the renowned Gemological Institute of America. The round brilliant is the most common cut used by global jewelry designers since it helps to maximize a diamond’s inherent brilliance. However the high levels of wastage incurred during the cutting process implies that it is very rare that a coloured diamond is used.


Reportedly all the blue coloured stunning rare diamonds receive their natural luminescence owing to the presence of the trace element boron. However at present very few rare diamonds display a pure natural blue hue. It is believed that the rare diamond is to be sourced from the Cullinan mine situated near the South Africa city of Pretoria, a place famous for being the world’s main provider of rare blue diamonds. Prior to the auction, viewing of the precious stone would be held in several locations such as London, Geneva, New York and Doha. It has also been speculated that the rare sale is expected to spark a friendly bidding war among the wealthy East Asian collectors. According to some media reports, Hong Kong has been ranked alongside Geneva and New York as a major center for jewelry sales for the last seven years.

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