Primate Frames’ new bicycle design for the Candy girls

Andrea Divirgilio / February 7, 2011


Primate Frames – the uber-cool bicycle manufacturer from Down Under – has been consistently maintaining an impressive output for the past three years. Specializing in steel frames, the power house has now come up with a customized design for the female-specific bike blog Candy Cranks. A collaboration of female riders from around the world, giving insight to bike culture in their home cities, Candy Cranks describes itself as a bunch of “chicks that spin around the globe.” Primate’s design for Candy Cranks is a lithe bicycle frame crafted out of Dedacciai tubing, with Cinelli lugs and custom tips.

Also up for grabs is a Deda fork with a range of options like threaded or threadless steerers, straight blades and a wide array of tips and crowns. This chick-savvy frame is the latest in the slew of rich and smart bicycles, some of which are meant exclusively for the ladies.

Via: Cycle EXIF

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