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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 42 Million
Prince Harry is the younger son of Princess Diana and Prince of Wales Charles.
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Born on: 15th Sep 84 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Single Occupation: Athlete, Pilot and Producer
Prince Harry net worth is estimated at $42 million. Prince Harry is the younger son of Princess Diana and Prince of Wales Charles. As a result he is third in the line of succession to the throne preceded by his father and elder brother. After studying at various elite institutions he followed his brother's footsteps and enrolled in the British military. Harry has attained the rank of a second lieutenant and has completed his training as a tank commander. He served his military duties by staying for 77 days on the front line in the Afghan war. However he was pulled out from front line service following an Australian magazine’s public news expose. The prince's birth into the British royal family ensured that he will enjoy all the luxuries of life right from the outset and so is the $40 million Prince Harry net worth. Harry is set to inherit a sizeable portion of the royal treasure chest which means additional cash to Prince Harry net worth. He is the co-owner of several expensive paintings, jewelry and artifacts valued at millions of pounds. He inherited about 15 million USD worth of investments left behind for him by his late mother. The English monarchy is the beneficiary of an annual allowance from the UK Government estimated to be in the range of 86 to 95 million USD. Another income source comes from traditional investments like equities and debt instruments. The prince has an active military career and receives a decent salary for his efforts. Harry’s individual net worth is estimated to be about of 42 million USD. The Prince Charming literally leads a very royal life due to his official status. He travels in a convoy of luxury cars like Rolls Royce. He receives round the clock protection from armed special agents. He mostly resides in the famous Clarence House in London. He flies around the world in an official plane. He is actively involved with many charities and has founded his own philanthropic organization with his brother Prince William titled the “The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry”, how's this for the human side of Prince Harry net worth? Other philanthropic organizations supported by him include Walking With The Wounded, Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, National AIDS Trust and Help for Heroes. Prince Harry was born in London. He is a sports enthusiast and enjoys professional polo, skiing and motocross. He loves football and is a big supporter of Arsenal Football club. The prince has also earned a reputation of being a “Wild Child” in his youth. As a teenager he was caught smoking cannabis, indulging in under-age drinking and physically clashing with photographers outside pubs. His relationship status is very complex. Harry has been in an off and on relation with Chelsy Davy for some years. Unfortunately in 2010 the couple amicably parted ways and henceforth Harry announced that he is very much single.  
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Prince Harry Autos and Cars (3)

Ducati 848

Prince Harry rides Ducati 848

Prince Harry rides a matte black Ducati 848 bike. And on June 2012 while biking in South West London along with an unidentified blonde, Harry was involved in an unfortunate and entirely avoidable incident when he was pulled up along with his bike for an assumed traffic violation by London policemen. The police official on duty was not aware of the identity of the royal bike rider and even requested the prince to take off his helmet. Luckily Harry’s minders stepped in the nick of time and defused the incident. Later the cop realized that Harry was not at fault and he tendered his apology.

Honda CRF 230

Prince Harry rides Honda CRF 230

Prince Harry rides a brick red colored Honda CRF 230 motor bike. On October 2008 the UK royal embarked on a long bike ride along with his brother, Price William in South Africa to raise awareness and money for a noble cause. The bike ride took place along the road from Port Edward to Port Elizabeth. Renowned international philanthropic organizations of the likes of UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund benefited from the charity ride undertaken by the British princes who were joined by 120 bikers.

Harley-Davidson Softail Classic

Prince Harry rides Harley-Davidson Softail Classic

Prince Harry is an avid biker and loves to ride his matte black colored Harley-Davidson Softail Classic motorcycle. On November 2011 ,the British Prince decided to take a day off from his hectic work schedule and decided to embark on a long road trip on his Harley on the highways of Arizona, USA. The Royal greatly enjoyed his long bike ride on the Arizonian desert and was accompanied by a large security contingent for the entire length of his journey. Incidentally, Harry was attending a helicopter training course at the Gila Bend US Air Force base situated in Imperial Valley, Arizona.

Prince Harry Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (3)

Verbier ski resort, Switzerland Vacation

Vacation in Switzerland

Prince Harry always gets a girl, and quite an attractive one. We all know about his relationships with many top celebrity models and high society girls. This time, the British Prince was spotted with his new found love, Cressida Bonas. A society model, Cressida Bonas seemed to enjoy the company of Prince Harry quite joyfully while holidaying at the Verbier ski resort, Switzerland.

The couple was spotted kissing like teens, in public. Yes, they didn't even bothered about the photographers and media scandals. They seemed to enjoy the company of each other. They kissed, played in the ice, enjoyed ice skiing, skating, and finally dined at the Farinet Hotel.Cressida even fed the prince with her own bare hands. Quite astonishing for a British Royal family member to do that!

Location: Verbier is a small village located at the South Western part of Switzerland. It's often considered to be the largest of all the skiing resorts available in Switzerland. Because of the closeness of the Swiss Alps, there are certain areas of the this village that remains covered with snow all the year round. Verbier is located at 1500 meters facing Grand Combin Massif on a South-oriented Terrace. The Terrace lies on the eastern part of Val de Bagnes Valley.

Accommodation: Being a very popular hill destination in Switzerland, Verbier experience strong tourist presence all through out the year, especially during the summer. The place is filled with top line hotels, private apartments, small budget motels and inns, and condos. There are two five star hotels available in this skiing resort. These include Au Vieux-Valais and Les Rois Mages. Among the other top quality accommodation options in Verbier, the preferred ones include Le Chalet d'Adrien, Central Hotel, Nevai, Rosalp, Farinet, and Vanessa.

Main Attractions: Verbier is basically a skiing destination. It is a place croweded by tourists mainly for skiing, snowboarding, and trekking purpose. It's an ideal place for relaxing of mind and body. There are local tourist buses available for a trip to the Alps low ranges. A small cathedral is also located close to the village outskirts. There are plenty of green lands to enjoy in Verbier. Parc Aventure, an amusement park is located 15 km northeast of the village. Valere fortress, a medieval structure, is located 18 km northeast of the village. Dog museum is located just 12 km west of the village.

Known to be a weekend destination, many people come from other parts of Switzerland to this village only to view the Alps from the closest range possible. Also, snowboarders and ski lovers find it a perfect place to enjoy the snowy activities. Other than that, there is not much of local attractions to view in this Swiss village. Most of the mentioned attractions located are outside the village. Some pubs and night clubs have recently being opened in this village. Overall, it's a nice place to rejuvenate the health and enjoy a pollution-free atmosphere.

Polzeath, Cornish coast Vacation

Vacation in Polzeath

When Prince Harry was absent in the Royal Box of the 2012 Wimbledon final in spite of the Brit, Murray making it, it was obvious that some 'pressing' commitment was the cause. It was a vacation to Polzeath on the Cornish coast that was the cause! Prince Harry was there with brother Prince William and his best friends, Tom Inskip and Thomas van Straubenzee. The royal flotilla enjoyed the day surfing and riding the waves, wading deep into the Atlantic ocean. Zipped in black wetsuits, the friends enjoyed swimming too.

Location: Polzeath is a small seaside resort which is located in Cornwall, England, about 10 kilometers from Wadebridge.

Accommodation: There are three self-catering properties to occupy - Bluebirds, Jay and Sundeck - which are good accommodation options. So are the Oystercatcher Apartments and the Old Diary & Village Flats.

Main Attractions: Polzeath is among the top destinations in the world for those seeking pure surfing thrill. The place is home to a fantastic beach and beautiful village. Many picturesque and magnificent places are within walking distance from Polzeath. Thus, it would be a good idea to trek down to Daymer Bay, St. Minver, Trebetherick and Pentire Point. Photographers can rejoice at the spectacular views of the rugged Atlantic coastline that become visible during the walk. The best thing to do, however, is to swim, surf, lounge on the beach and simply relax.

On the sea shore

On the sea shore

Splash in the waves

Splash in the waves

With his brother, Prince William

With his brother, Prince William

Mauritius Vacation

Enjoying vacation with friends

At the end of 2008, on December 29th to be precise, Prince Harry and his then girlfriend, Chelsy Davy vacationed in the island nation of Mauritius. Apart from soaking up the sun and splashing about in the beautiful waters, Prince Harry also downed several pints of beer in what could have been a beer-bong with friends.

Location: Mauritius is a small island country, located about 2,000 kilometers off the south-east African coast in the Indian Ocean.

Accommodation: Ample hotel accommodation is available on the island. Most of them are 5 star - Shanti Maurice, Sofitel So, Le Prince etc. There are also expensive villas available for occupation.

Main Attractions: Mauritius promises to be one of the most enchanting and fulfilling vacation destinations for the avid tourist. The Indian Ocean seems to be at its best here and the beaches all around are lovely places to lounge in the sunshine. Hiring a catamaran cruise will be a beautiful experience and lucky tourists will be able to spot dolphins and whales in the ocean.

Some of these boat-rides could be made exclusively for fishing too. Watersports, undersea activities, aerial activities (helicopter and seaplane rides, sky diving) and golf facilities are all available. Nature lovers should try out the half a dozen safaris that the island offers and get real close to the African wild. Botanical reserves, aquariums, plantations and distilleries also abound on the island.

Splash in the waves

Splash in the waves

On the beach

On the beach

Vacation in Mauritius

Vacation in Mauritius
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Prince Harry Cause (5)

The Royal Foundation

The charitable organization was legally established in September 2009 by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

The charitable organization was legally established in September 2009 by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Although the Prince is totally focused on his army career he manages to continue with his philanthropic activities and supports the organization on the key issues he is concerned about. The main areas the NGO concentrates on are raising awareness along with support for the people serving in the armed forces, helping young people and children to build their skills in society and supporting communities to conserve their natural resources for the next generation.

Help for Heroes

Prince Harry supports Help for Heroes

It is a good sign when a 'Prince' backs the cause of helping and assisting war veterans. His support to the charity, Help for Heroes, won him an award for distinguished humanitarian leadership. Launched in October 2007 and backed by the Army Benevolent Fund, the charity aims to assist primarily the injured service personnel from Iraq and Afghanistan.

National AIDS Trust

Prince Harry supports National AIDS Trust

Prince Harry organized the Concert for Diana at the Wembeley stadium alongside Prince William in July 2007 and donated more than half the proceeds to the National AIDS Trust. This charity is dedicated in its efforts to change the society's perception of and response to HIV-affected people, especially in the UK.

Prince’s Rainforests Project

Prince Harry supports Prince’s Rainforests Project

As part of the Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit, the Prince's Rainforests Project receives unstinting attention and patronage from Prince Harry. It is an endeavor to bring together public, private and NGO agencies to stop global deforestation and to preserve the rainforests for future generations.

The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince Harry supports The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry

The prince brothers, Harry and William are blessed with the same philanthropic drive of their parents before them and The Foundation is a result of that drive. The objective of the this foundation is to bring together people across all countries, cultures and age groups for different charitable aims.

Prince Harry Brands (1)

Puma Men’s Bolt Faas 400 Jam Running Shoes

Prince Harry wears Puma Men’s Bolt Faas 400 Jam Running Shoes

The Prince sprinted down the track alongside a smiling Usain Bolt on his visit to Jamaica. The lightweight iconic Puma shoes features lightweight breathable mesh providing a comfortable airy stride with the addition of wavy stripes and a rubber sole to enhance the fleet footed look. The durable speedy shoes with its Jamaican color palette and the Usain Bolt signature pose is printed on the outside top part of its tongue.

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