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Prince (musician) | $ 250 Million
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Prince (musician) Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 250 Million
Famous musician, Prince on Richfiles
Famous musician, Prince on Ricfiles
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Born on: 7th Jun 58 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

It was during the 1980s that one of the most singular and special stars of the the 'rock n roll' era was born - Prince aka 'Prince Rogers Nelson'. He became a king of sorts in music with her intuitive ability to tie together funk, folk, pop and rock. With thirty Top 40 singles and ten platinum albums produced during his illustrious career, Prince achieved it in a single lifetime what lesser mortals might take a dozen to attain. This creative genius also established his own label and recording studio, and writes songs and plays for them all on his own. With a wide vocal range, Prince is said to be a perfectionist who is highly protective of his music. He writes, composes and produces the majority of his music himself and plays most of the instruments on his albums, and is also known for his flamboyant stage presence and costumes.

Today, Prince's estimated net worth is $250 million, and the greatest contributor to his earnings have been his successful albums. His discography consists of about 35 albums , each of which was a big hit, from 1978 to 2000. Worldwide, Prince has sold more than 80 million records during his career. Apart from this, he has also earned a substantial amount through filmography which was triggered by the runaway success of Purple Rain and Batman. He directed the other three films on his own. Further, he is an active tourer too, as he got more than 20 musically and financially successful tours to his name.

Like all geniuses, a certain amount of eccentricity has been associated with Prince but being an unrivaled king of his times, that is acceptable. Most of his spending have been to improve his music, ensuring its spread across the globe. Though his charitable spending were not much for a long time, in 2011, he donated over $1.5 million to New York Charities (Harlem Children's Zone, American Ballet Theatre and Uptown Dance Academy) in Madison Square Garden. Charity and supporting as many people as he can seems to have become his new, noble mantra. He is not known for a plush or lavish lifestyle.

The17th of April, 1978 was the first among the many monumental days for Prince as he saw the release of his very first album, For You. After that, a series of rapid releases followed which catapulted him into fame and glory. The 'Revolution' began with the 1984 album, Purple Rain, which was the number 1 on the charts for a record 24 consecutive weeks and sold more than 13 million copies in the US alone. When he got involved in a confrontation with his recording company over the use of his name, he adopted an 'unpronounceable' symbol (called the 'Love symbol #2) as his name! The 'Nude Tour' in the 90s was his greatest hit concert series where he stripped down the excessive and expensive set-designs to present back-to-basics concert. He started his own label and recording studios, Paisley Park Records and NPG Records. Today, his contributions have earned him seven Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. It was his song in the movie "Happy Feet" that won him the Golden Globe. Romantically, he has been associated and involved with many celebrities.

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