Private Vineyards of the uber-rich
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Private Vineyards of the uber-rich

Private Vineyards of the uber-rich

We have seen the luxury condos, beach house mansions, private islands, city mansions, and even resorts. But generic baclofen is used for treating muscle pain, spinal cord injury, muscle cramps, muscle stiffness, etc. buy lioresal 10mg at an attractive price. another such area where they seem to have taken considerable interest, are the vineyards. When it comes to the rich and well-healed brass, wine has to be of the premium variety, and what better method than to own one of their own. This list provides an insight into all these rich and famous who have managed to purchase their personal vineyard, and maintained them as a part of their exclusive list of assets.

Private vineyards of the rich and famous

1) Californian vine estate

David Beckham Vineyard

Location: Napa Valley, Spain

Owner: David and Victoria Beckham

While star footballer David Beckham, and his wife Victoria were in Spain in the past, they are known to have become seriously ‘addicted’ to the high quality of wines produced in the country. Hence, in order to keep their stocks up prednisone vs dexamethasone cost buy veterinary prednisone prednisone online with the wines of their choices, they went a step ahead and purchased a Californian vineyard, for sum in the 7-figure mark. It is also said, that Victoria has been given a bottle of the premium variety from the estate with her name on the label of the bottle, during one of her trips in 2008.


Location: South France

Owner: Kate Moss

When you have your ex Johnny Depp owning vineyards, then what better place to ask for advice?

Location: Region de Provence, South France

Owner: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

During one of her trips with Brad Pitt and her brood of children, Angelina Jolie is known to have been smitten by the beauty of nature in the South of France. She actually went from door to door to enquire if the properties were on sale, and finally after a long line of research, she found its picturesque estate, which incidentally has large vineyards as a part of the property. Apart from the rarest varieties of olives, this estate has vegetation for a considerable number of grapes which are reared for wine. With neighbors like Bono from buy doxycycline online, how long do you go on doxycycline for acne, how one dose of side effects what all is used to treat doxycycline strange dreams work for chlamydia can you buy in brazil minocycline or doxycycline for acne is  U2, she certainly seems to have picked the cream of the lot which will cater to cater to her families gastronomic needs, includes those of fine wine.

4) Massif de Maures vineyard

Johnny Depp buys girlfriend vineyard estate

Location: St. Tropez, South-East France

Owner: Vanessa Paradis ( lady love of Johnny Depp)

Ms. Vanessa Paradis isn’t the most popular name worldwide, but when you consider who her long term boyfriend is, then it surely does; Johnny Depp. The star bought his lady love this vineyard, in one of the prime areas of South Eastern France, which is known to be the birth place of the beverage in country. The interesting point to be noted is that, Johnny Depp is known to be a fan of Bordeaux wines, which isn’t reared in this region, so there is ample reason to believe that he has indeed acquired new tastes, something which his lady love might have preference for. Even then, this region still produces some of the best varieties including the Ugni, Clairette, Cinsault, Carignan, Tibouren, and Rolle, which would now give the superstar an added list of wines to taste buy baclofen online | buy online without prescription. of extraand intracellular joint, the function of the robaxin price australia robaxin by mail order oxygen from. After all, they are known for their well balanced tannaine flavors with underlying fruity notes.

5) Bedega Anta Natura (Anta Banderas)

Antonio Banderas vineyard in Ribera del Duero

Location: Ribera Del Duero, Spain

Owner: Antonio Banderas (50% owner)

The part buyout of the vineyard, by the star of ‘Mask of Zorro’, is deeply rooted to his life-long wish of getting into serious wine making, in his native country of Spain. Created in 1999 by Teodoro Ortega, this wine yard was given its name after the star purchased 50% of enterprise that is now looking to expand on an international scale. Antonio Banderas was known to be keen on the purchase because it had a long history before its creation; of producing some of Spain’s finest wines, and this consolidated wineyard is definitely one of the them. Also, it makes for great investment as the winery is known to produce more than 1.5 million bottles a year, yet remain amongst the finest in quality, made evident by awards like the 5-star buy Aciclovir Decanter Award in 2005 during the tasting of Ribera Del Duero panel tasting.

6) Blenheim Vineyards

Dave Matthews Blenheim Vineyards

Location: Charlottesville, USA

Owner: Dave Matthews

At the turn of the new millennia, owner Dave Matthews along with craftsman William Johnson, joined hands to cultivate, some of America’s hidden treasures in the area of fine wine. Set up as an intimate and clomid 3-7 clomid reviews cozy area, this vineyard is open for the general public where a cost of $5 per person has to borne, in order to taste the products of the area. Should a customer like a variety, there is always the option of buying from the vineyard directly, apart from the lot available in stores. Some of their most recent wines includes the Chardonay 2010, Blenheim Farm Chardonay 2009, Viognier 2010, and also their Cabernet Sauvignon 2009.

7) Two Paddocks vineyards

Sam Neil Two Paddock

Location: Gibbston, South New Zealand

Owner: Sam Neill

Known as the lowest wine growing region in the Southern hemisphere, the ‘Two Paddocks’ Vineyards owned by Sam Neill, is known to produce some New Zealand’s finest especially in terms of white wines. These vineyards include the Gibbston, Alex Paddocks, Red Banks, all of which cater purchase Fluoxetine to the elaborate list of varieties known to be very dear to the international star of movies, Sam Neill. Some of the best products can be summarized as Two Paddocks Pinot Noir, Picnic Pinot Noir, The last chance Pinot Noir, Pinic Riesling, and Picnic Savignon Blanc. Since their characteristics are known to be unique due to the location of the vineyards, the demand is known to be high and capacity limited. Hence, finding them in short supply is an issue.

8) Kluge Winery

Donald Trump Kluge Winery

Location: Charlottesville, USA

Owner: Donald Trump

One of the most prominent investors in luxury real estate, Donald Trump couldn’t keep in his hands of the Virginia based vineyard when it went up for auction earlier this year. Known to be originally worth more than $70 million before recession set in, the Kluge winery was once under the ownership of Patricia Kluge, who had to lose the property sue to foreclosure procedures. Like the Bleinhem Vineyards, this one is also known to produce some of the finest such as SP Blanc de Blancs and SP Rose which were a part of the menu at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, in 2010. The vicinity of the vineyard includes the Blue Ridge Mountains, and also former president, Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.

9) Martha’s Vineyard

Obama's Martha's vineyard

Location: near Massachusetts, USA

Owner: William Van Devender

Surrounded by a lap of nature, which include 4 large waterfalls, The Martha’s Vineyard is known to be on auction block and the current owner is the Mr. William Van Devender, who is known to order misoprostol online play host to the current President of the United States, Barack Obama and his family. Known to be the home of one of the earliest known deaf communities in America, Martha’s Vineyard is also famous for being on the tourist list of many former presidents and their families during their vacation tours. This property is known to have many assets including a grand 5,110 sq ft mansion, 3 gold courses, basketball court, tennis court, and of course a vineyard haven, though products from it aren’t the most widely known.

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