“Pure Lady,” a portable air body massage chair for the fairer sex

Andrea Divirgilio / November 3, 2009

pure lady
This innovative Japanese massage chair, “Pure Lady” is certainly nothing like the luxurious massage chairs we have told you about earlier, but its compact and mobile design is what makes it worth a mention. Targeted at young woman, this sleek massage chair offers four types of courses: foot and calf massage with the foot air bag equipped with the back acupressure stimulation Gui Innovation calf, Pelvis and thigh massage with a rocking mechanism from side to side around comfortably seat air bags and waist and back massage such as Shiatsu massage. This folding massage chair is upholstered in synthetic ivory red leather (antibacterial), and it features pad cushioning. So, if you are a high-class executive with your own cubicle, you can replenish your spirits with this massage chair at least till your next spa visit. No word on the price is available from the site, but it must come cheap.

Via: Aving/ProductPage

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