Flat Pack Shoes by United Nude is a step into space race

Andrea Divirgilio / May 9, 2011


With the beginning of this century, technology has taken a vast toll, and one such example to fit in this line is the latest Futuristic lunar wedges/shoes. Spanish designer Alicia Framis commenced the “Moon Life” project, which is about space travel and the theory of future living in space.

Framis invited a group of other artists, designers and architects to create this human concept that concentrates on the lunar environment. Designed by the company United Nude, the design was crafted as a high-heeled shoe capable of managing extreme climatic conditions given the backdrop of designs for space. Suitable for space wear, the design looks sexy and elegant too. United Nude was working upon the double edged idea of designing a shoe apt for space as well as gravity rich environments. Though the idea didn’t quite work out and the company came up with the futuristic design for the space shoe.

The United Nude Flat Pack shoe can be assembled by the wearer themselves while the uppers of the shoes are interchangeable and suitable for customizing. The base is made from the carbon fiber with the 3-dimensional sole pieces that perfectly fits into each other. All the parts are affixed by a thin wire span on the sides and take a maximum of 10 minutes to get assembled. Although the price is still not available, these shoes are expected to hit the selected stores soon as they are just the limited edition pair.

Via: Moon-Life/Dexigner

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