Qatar Airways unveils new Business class seating in B787 aircraft for long-haul travel

Andrea Divirgilio / March 8, 2012

At the ongoing ITB event in Berlin, Qatar Airways unveiled its new Business class seating aboard the new Boeing 787 dreamliner aircraft. Targeted for the long haul journeys, the Business class seating will feature new designing which allows for more space, comfort and even a more advanced in-flight entertainment system for those executives, who frequent between international zones across continents. This move comes after the company decided to acquire its new fleet of aircrafts including the B787 dreamliner, which will also house more than 200 rejuvenated economy class seats along with this new business class offering. This upcoming summer season should see the bookings on the aircraft get formally open for the taking.

Qatar Airways Boeing B787 Business class seat

The new business class seating will see several new changes to the overall design, which would help customers have a more pleasant flight especially when the journeys are longer. For that, the seats dimensions have been changed to around 22-inch of width and 80-inch long, which make seating arrangements more spacious. With the flick of a button, these seats convert from an upright position, to a 30-inch wide couch-bed, which is almost as comfortable as the real ones in one’s bedroom. Also, with the cabin like setting, privacy is always uncompromised for each passenger. So whether one is reading, working, or relaxing, comfort and privacy remain constant. Since aesthetics are equally crucial for the well paid executive, the glossy wooden finished side tables are there to use as well. A few flicks here, and the space becomes ready for dining.

With the modern executives travelling, technology and internet connectivity have to be around always, and Qatar Airways figures that out with perfection. Other than the infotainment system which has on offer 1,000 different movies, TV Shows, music and gaming options to pick from, wi-fi internet along with GSM telephony is on offer too. With the Android based 17-inch touch-screen control panel and easy to use interface, one can even plug in their personal devices like a tablet or smart phone, to catch up on some entertainment as well as keep working on the sides.

Qatar Airways Boeing B787 Business class seat

Perhaps, all of this would safely put the new Qatar Airways’ B787 Boeing amongst the world’s most luxurious international airlines.

Via: Business Traveler

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