Quantum Play introduces BlackBall Designer Football Table
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Quantum Play introduces BlackBall Designer Football Table

Quantum Play introduces BlackBall Designer Football Table

Kings and commoners, professionals and amateurs, have long played the game of football, but what makes it a game of the super rich, is the bespoke football tables. We have earlier told you about some of the

Designer Pool Table

Further the designer football table can be designed to include logos of your favorite football team, metallics or special shades on request.

Union Jack Football Table

Manchester Football Table

Chelsea Football Table

The table comes complete with 11 cork balls and 11 black & white colored balls, cleaning kit (spray cleaner, microfiber cloth, lubricant) for price starting at $25,515.

Stainless Steel Players

The other

Besides the clean and hi-tech design featuring sound proofed ball return system, LED lighting, the top frame is available in a range of options including textured woodgrains, high gloss laminates and matt finishes. What sets the Lambert Pool table apart is its ultra slim frame, which is perfect for a game of billiards as well as a stylish diner.

Convertible Pool Table

The convertible pool table transforms from a pool table into a designer dining table in a matter of few seconds. The standard table sells for $8,772.

Billiards Table

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