RAAL Requisite $88K omni-directional loudspeaker – so much for a recessed economy!

Andrea Divirgilio / February 27, 2009

eternity1 7clGL 12

For the audiophiles who are not content with their speaker unit’s output, and are planning to get an acoustic make-over for their audio room, RAAL Requisite might have a solution with their omni-directional loudspeaker called “Eternity.” The exotic design is complemented with fine audio specs for impeccable sound quality that will diminish architectural flaws in your room. The unit features DeQX, a room correction device for powerful output. No info on other specs can be had from the site. But the omni-sound quality is going to rob you all over with an $88K price tag, so never mind.

Via: RAAL Requisite

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