Rachel McAdams | $ 14 Million
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Rachel McAdams Net Worth

Net Worth $ 14 Million
Rachel McAdams
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Born on: 17th Nov 78 Born in: Canada Marital status: Single Occupation: Actress
Rachel McAdams initially worked for Canadian TV and film productions. She entered Hollywood in 2002 with the commercial release of the film, Hot Chick. A couple of years later, people started knowing her for her roles in films like Mean Girls and The Notebook. The psychological thriller Red Eye convinced people that her transition from TV to films was well worth it. She also received a BAFTA nomination for the Best Rising Star. However, she completely disappeared from the movie scene in 2006 & 2007. She turned down The Devil Wears Prada which surprised many. However, she came back with a bang in 2009 with another thriller, State of Play. She has three releases lined up for this year. Rachel McAdams has been steadily increasing on the popularity charts and critics now believe that she will, one day, become as big a star as Julia Roberts. All of her films have made on a fairly low budget but they grossed huge sums at the box office. People even dismissed Red Eye as a B-grade thriller but that film proved to be the sleeper hit of the year. She is definitely not one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and as per reports she took home only $1 million for Red Eye. But she is one of the bankable stars in the industry and the ROI is simply awesome. There is no concrete information on her endorsement deals and considering her way of living we suspect that she doesn't have any. Rachel McAdams leads a very low-key existence in Canada. She prefers to stay at home in her neighborhood in Toronto. She has also hosted a charity screening of her film The Notebook for United Way. The tickets were sold out in 3 days and there were lots of autograph sessions, and Q & A. As per reports, more than $6000 was raised for the charity. She is a busy environmentalist. She has a personal blog dedicated to the cause of the environment - Green is Sexy. She has even remodeled her home in Toronto with a green theme. She doesn't own a car but rides a bike. Rachel shares her home in Toronto with her brother. She holds a US green card and practices yoga on a daily basis. Her hobbies include gardening and cooking and she admits that she might have opened a restaurant had she not joined films. She had dated Ryan Gosling for a couple of years but split up in 2008. She had a brief relationship with Josh Lucas but even that one proved unlucky for her. She is now dating Michael Sheen. Whenever she is in LA, she hires a Toyota Prius but rides her bike in her hometown. She is also associated with a number of charitable causes.
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Rachel McAdams Autos and Cars (1)

Mini Cooper

Rachel McAdams in her red Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper is one of England’s groundbreaking inventions. Its small, affordable, powerful, trendy and classic and has a front mounted engine. The boxy frame of the car with the front grille make the car easily maneuverable in the city and its low fuel consumption makes it perfect for city commuting. Rachael McAdams purchased the Mini in late 2009 and she reportedly termed it as her best investment yet. The Mini has been around for a few decades and is a symbol of class. The Mini is powered by a 1,598 cc displacing 4 cylindered petrol engine producing 184 HP and displacing 240 Nm of torque. Rachael McAdams was spotted driving her red Mini Cooper to a friend’s place and later to a Dior boutique at Beverly Hills.

Rachel McAdams Brands (4)

Miu Miu Matelassé Nappa Leather Tote Bag

The sports polished brass finished design bag was spotted being carried by Rachael McAdams.

Miu Miu is known to be the affordable designer section from Prada, and the Miu Miu Matelassé Nappa Leather Tote Bag, one of the exclusive bags made of leather that sports polished brass finished design was spotted being carried by Rachael McAdams. The bags carrying strap has a fixed length of 95 CM L46 W14 CM H46.


Rachael McAdams use the BlackBerry Bold 9000 mobile phone.

BlackBerry is a high end cell phone production company first introduced in 1999, which first designed two way pagers and the first smart phone which was launched back in 2002. Rachael McAdams use the BlackBerry Bold 9000 mobile phone, which comes loaded with features like push e-mail, text messaging, telephone, browsing, faxing, and lot more.

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2012 Cap Toe Pumps

Rachael McAdams was spotted in a pink Toe Pump from the shoe designer’s summer 2012 collection.

Giuseppe Zanotti is famous for his different collection of shoes. From daytime flats to extensive heels for a late night party, the famous Italian shoemaker has a long history of pleasing customers. Toe pumps are his specialty and Rachael McAdams was spotted in a pink Toe Pump from the shoe designer’s summer 2012 collection.

Celine Original Sunglasses

The Original Celine Sunglasses sported by Rachael McAdams is square framed, blue and is a classic.

Celine Vipiana is the founder of a French fashion house Celine which was undertaken by LVMH in 1988. Celine was initially concerned with designing women’s shoes and it was much later that women’ accessories were available at their stores. The Original Celine Sunglasses sported by Rachael McAdams is square framed, blue and is a classic.

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