Ramus M1 carbon fiber table is inspired by tree branch

Andrea Divirgilio / April 1, 2013

In the arena of haute couture among furniture, carbon fiber is now emerging as a fabrication of choice, amongst those who can dish out the extra cash for them. We saw that with the Glenn Fuller tables, Rhys Moller coffee table, and the Lima Lima carbon fiber table with hi-tech design. Now designing studio IL Hoon Rooh has created the ‘Ramus’ M1 table with the same material, drawing its inspiration from tree branches, and thats what the name actually translates from Latin. Bringing in the functionality and structural advantages that tree branches usually provide, the Ramus M1 sports a transport glass top which is supported by the finely engineered structure beneath the top. The special furniture will be unveiled for the public to take a look at the Salone Sattelite 2013 event to be held later this year.

Ramus M1 Carbon Fiber Table

Ramus M1 carbon fiber table

The inspiration for the structure of this table, clearly shows that Il Hoon Rooh, the Korean design house, has been looking at nature rather closely. As the design gets its map work from the branch structure of a stronger trees, they have managed to recreate the same for the support of the transparent glass top, albeit using carbon fiber. Also, this grade of the material happens to be the same as the ones seen fighter jets, F1 cars, and space shuttles.

Ramus M1 carbon fiber table

Though of the lining has been done with carbon fiber, the basic framework has been created with precision engineered aircraft grade aluminum alloys and stainless steel. The design has been created with future modification and expansions in mind, making this a perfection of modular design in its genre.

Ramus M1 carbon fiber table

But this table wasn’t created without the inputs from a significant number of specialists. The Ramus M1 project was an international collaboration. For over two years, the designer collaborated with an Italian mathematics/software company, TSI s.r.l., to calculate optimum overall geometry, a UK manufacturing company, Penta Patterns (which is also involved in manufacturing McLaren F1 cars), to create a master pattern by using advanced CNC technology, and a South Korean composite material specialist, Inno Comtech, for carbon fibre.

Ramus M1 carbon fiber table

Via: IL Hoon Roh / Design Spotter

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