Raonhaje’s electric semi submarine “Ego” is the Segway of submarines

Andrea Divirgilio / February 21, 2011

ego submarine
Like Segway intended to change the world of transportation with its electric scooter, Raonhaje seems to achieving the same in underwater transportation with “EGO,” the world’s first compact semi submarine that doesn’t needs extensive training to be on your own in your underwater excursion. This battery powered boat-cum-submarine can be operated like a car, which explains its electric-car-like looks. An electronic accelerator pedal is applied instead of a throttle lever in the boats to work like the accelerator pedal of a the car. You can control the navigation by adding the direction switch.

Besides the floating hull mounted on both sides of the central hull of the ship prevents from the accidents even if the floating hull is damaged. The windows of the EGO are made of special acrylic materials, mostly used in aquariums to withstand water pressure and enable light transmission for better visibility. It features a top speed of 4 knots for 4 hours, and it runs for 6-10 hours on a single charge. Other equipment includes a monitoring LCD system, battery monitoring systems, VHF marine two way radio, digital depth gauge, foot pedal, compass and clock. The EGO is available in a choice of seven cool colors, including French Rose, Lime Green and pink. The EGO submarine will make its debut at the Miami boat show, which runs from February 17–21, 2011 at the Miami Beach convention center.

Via: RaonHaje

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