Rare 1928 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 motorbike up for grabs at Bonhams Quail lodge auction
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Rare 1928 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 motorbike up for grabs at Bonhams Quail lodge auction

Rare 1928 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 motorbike up for grabs at Bonhams Quail lodge auction
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1928 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 OHV Bike

In the year 1890 Meek, Mayo & Hotchkiss got together and created one of the best known cycle making companies called ‘Royal Eagle’. A few years later, they lent their expertise is creating a motorbike which would remain an iconic figure for a long time to come. Seen as a direct competition for the Brough Superior and Brooklands Racer, this bike was produced in limited numbers only as the company was forced to curtail operations for the onset of the great depression of the 1930’s. Now this bike is up for all auctioning at the Bonham’s Quail Lodge auction that shall also order Viagra have the like of other automobile masterpieces like the 1927 E. Bullivant Bentley going under the hammer.

The Coventry Eagle Flying 8 motorcycle got its name from the then high-end engine, which generated 8 horsepower according to Royal Automobile Club (RAC) ratings. The 980 cc capacity of the engine ensured that the top speed of 80 mph was reached with ease which was quite a mean feat of that time. Other distinct features of the bike include the 8-inch disc brakes on the front and back wheels, and the Jardine gearbox along with the ghost silencers, which was a late addition along with the magdyno electric lighting and a steering damper which aided greater control at higher speeds. Experimentation and development also added the larger engine plates that had both mechanical as well as hand pumped lubrication, and the prominent Royal Enfield wheels. Prestigious owners of the bike include John Ellis, Ken Hodgson, journalist Bruce Smith and Stephen Broadbridge who managed to keep the chopper’s original sheen alive with maintenance works especially in the 1990’s. Accompanying the bike will be the ownership log book and the original registration document. online canadian pharmacy store! purchase dapoxetine online . free delivery, dapoxetine order.

1928 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 OHV Bike 21928 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 OHV Bike 2

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For those of you who like historic choppers, you could pay a visit to the Bonham’s Quail Lodge auction to be held in later part of 2011. Estimations peg order Viagra Gold the value to be in the range of $200,000-300,000 but as with historic vehicles, the price could be even higher.

Via: Classic Cars/ Visordown

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