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Rare 1953 Ferrari Mille Miglia Berniletta hits the block for $4.3 million

Andrea Divirgilio / June 9, 2011

1953 Ferrari 250 Milie Miglia Berniletta

A truly rare masterpiece from the house of Ferrari, the 1953 Mille Miglia Berniletta, is slated to go on auction at the Kidston event in Geneva later this year. When it goes under the hammer at Kidston, the price is estimated to be something like $4.3 million. Ferraris have fetched much higher prices than this ballpark figure in the past. Similar auctions include the sale of a 1955 Ferrari 375MM Berniletta, which was auctioned for a $4.6 million price tag.

Since the Italian carmaker has made just 17 pieces of this auto marvel thus far, the car has been among the collections of some select famous collectors such as Giulio Dubbini and Peter von Muralt. Now all eyes are glued to the current auction, so the one who wins at the event will be a happy driver for sure. This car has been popular on the racing circuit making it eligible for every top award known in car racing.

Built with the charismatic styling cues of the Berniletta range of Ferraris, this car was the first one to be campaigned by noted driver Pierre Noblet. He went on to own a number of other famous Ferraris. A number of important components (engine, clutch, gearbox and suspension) have been replaced to bring this rare piece of auto-history back into shape. Therefore, whoever manages to win it at the auction is set to zoom out and experience the brilliance of the car.

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Via: Jameslist

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