Rare $3 gold coin found in a book to sell for $4 million

Andrea Divirgilio / May 17, 2012

Gold prices are shooting up the roof, but its also the time for the coin collectors to reap their investment. And for the investors, its never too late to extend their investment portfolio. We had earlier told you about the 1792 Silver Center Cent, from the first group of coins ever struck in the U.S. Mint, that fetched $1.15 Million. And, now another rare coin in American history 1870 ‘S’ could become one of the most expensive coins ever. Supposedly one of the rarest coins, only two of this kind were made, and the other one has already been sold years ago.

Rare Gold coin

The legendary coin was spotted in the year 1997 by tourist from Europe at a bookshop in San Francisco. It was pasted inside one of the pages of a keepsake book. He kept the coin for a good 15 years, before finally bringing it out in the open and decided to auction the rare coin at the Four Seasons Auction Gallery. It was made on a special order by the superintendent of San Francisco Mint in 1870 and was supposed to be kept in the cornerstone of some building.

1870-S $3 gold coin

The coin has been fashioned out of an exceptional cast, which features an ‘S’ character that is very different and makes the coin so extraordinarily special. The other side of the coin has a wreath comprising of cotton, tobacco and corn. It was designed by coiner J.B. Harmstead and is undoubtedly striking with a very clean appearance.

1870-S $3 gold coin

It is further believed that the original ordered by the superintendent got damaged due to some reason and hence a new one was minted. So, it is not certain if the coin to be auctioned is a second copy or the original. But whatever be the case, the coin holds a lot of value and is all ready to get auctioned on June 2, 2012 at the Four Seasons Auction Gallery.

1870 gold coin

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