Rare Boeing 307 Stratoliner Transformed Into A Boat

Andrea Divirgilio / March 13, 2007

boeing 307 boat 12
Remember, we told you about a full-sized Ferrari F50 boat made out of wood! Now, did you think nothing could up it! Then check-out this unusual plane-boat, made out of the historic and rare aircraft – “Boeing 307 Stratoliner” (1937). The boat is titled “Cosmic Muffin” and was originally owned by the aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. After changing hands, the plane was finally transformed into a boat, long back in 1969. David R. Drimmer and his company PlaneBoats remodeled it and gave it the name “the Cosmic Muffin.” The ‘plane-boat’ featured twin V-8 inboards incorporating the original aircraft cockpit controls that were used to fly the plane, propelling the vessel over 20 mph. Electrical, plumbing, sanitation and air conditioning systems were installed along with a new interior that included restored chairs and bar.

boeing 307 boat1 12

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