Rare bottle of Glenfiddich whisky sells for a record £44,000

Andrea Divirgilio / February 15, 2012

The ultra-rare Glenfiddich whisky Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve, which we had earlier talked about as a special edition from the premium Scotch maker, has now a sold a bottle from the lot for a price of £44,000 ($69,360). This special edition whisky was bottled in 1955, by dedicating the unique blend inside to Ms. Janet Sheed Roberts, who celebrated her 110th birthday last year. She also happens to be the granddaughter of William Grant, the person credited with the founding of the Glenfiddich distillery. This particular bottle however, was just the 2nd of the total limited edition set of 11 bottles.

1955 Glenfiddich Janet Roberts Reserve whisky

Way back in 1955, when Ms. Roberts was celebrating her 55th birthday, a special edition series of Glenfidich whiskeys were put into casks for maturity, in her special honor. Last year, when she turned a 110, and became the oldest person alive in Scotland, this limited edition blend was then bottled into a series of just 11 units. In fact the branding, as shown below, depicts the dedication of the special series to her name. On investigation, we were told that the whisky is actually a blend of the rarest and finest varieties from the distillery of the company, William Grant & Sons. This makes it a highly demanded and sought after piece of Scottish history, which is now available in market to select buyers. The packaging too remains unique, with the crafted wooden cabinet with tells the story of the light honey colored beverage, and houses the precious bottle inside.

1955 Glenfiddich Janet Roberts Reserve whisky

The sale of this series has a charitable angle to it. All proceeds which are gathered from the sale, will be given to a charity organization called ‘Walking with the wounded’, who have been actively rehabilitating men and women, who need help to emerge from injuries suffered in defense services. A part of it also would land with a group of veterans, who are bent on conquering Mt. Everest. If any fan of the brand is looking for other such rare varieties from Glenfiddich, do take a glance at the 50-year old bottles, which were auctioned off last year.

Via: Huffington Post/ Independent

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