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Rare BVLGARI Blue Diamond to sell for over $12 million at Christie’s

Andrea Divirgilio / September 11, 2010

blue diamond bvlgari ring

This rare two-stone ring with a 10.95-carat triangular-shaped blue diamond is expected to sell for more than $12 million when it goes up for auction on Oct. 20 at Christie’s in New York next month. The rare vivid blue diamond, at 10.95 carats, is the largest ever to come to Christie’s auction house. The exceptional diamond is coupled with a 9.87-carat white diamond cut in the same shape. Offered for auction by an anonymous European businessman, the ring is designed by the Italian luxury jeweler BVLGARI. He bought the ring for $1 million from BVLGARI in 1972 in Rome to present as a gift for his wife on the birth of their first baby boy.

Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s jewelry expert, said…

Vivid blue is the strongest and purest saturation in any colored diamond. As a vivid, this is as good as it gets. They are perfectly matched in size and shape. They may be different in terms of weight, but the measurements are perfect. These two stones are made for each other.

He further added that the Gemological Institute of America has said the blue stone in Christie’s sale to be the largest triangular-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond they’ve ever graded. He said that the rare BVLGARI blue diamond has most probably come from the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa.

Via: The Associated Press/Luxist

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