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Rare Chinese bowl found at garage sale fetches $2.25 million at auction

Andrea Divirgilio / March 20, 2013

Chinese art is back to making it big at the auction events. We had seen how record prices were realized at the Chinese Art Auctions in 2012 and the Bonhams Asian Art Auction in San Francisco, apart from the rare Li Keran painting sale for $46 million at the Beijing Poly Springs auctions, and a Chinese coin fetching $1 million at the World Coin Auction. Now a rare Song dynasty bowl, which was found in a garage sale, estimated to bring in between $200,000 to $300,000 managed to get 10 times that price, finally billing $2.22 million at an auction in New York. What is now being said about the bowl, is that it perhaps last changed hands in 2007 for around a measly $3, as the family never really new its actual worth. It was only that the latest owners consulted the experts at Sotheby’s, who then put the vessel up for auction.

1000 year old Song Dynasty bowl

The ‘Ding’ bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty is a 1,000-year-old Chinese bowl. The bowl is deftly carved to the interior with scrolling leafy lotus sprays with an even ivory-colored glaze.

1000 year old Song Dynasty bowl

With such a rich historical background, earlier owners never really bothered to find out what the bowl actually was, or else the price would have certainly gone up even further. The only other replica known publicly is lying in the British Museum in London for the last 60 years, which perhaps pegs how rare the artifacts of the Chinese really are.

1000 year old Song Dynasty bowl

Via: Sotheby’s

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