Rare Lamborghini Marsal goes on sale for $2.1 million
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Rare Lamborghini Marsal goes on sale for $2.1 million

Rare Lamborghini Marsal goes on sale for $2.1 million

Lamborghini Marzal

Lamborghini Marsal, commonly known as "the wonder car that was never to be," was sold at the Villa d’Este auction for $2.1 million. Made in the year 1966, this car was a one-off concept version that never went into production because of the abstract design, but has been on the wish list of many collectors due to its stand-out shape. Marcello Gandhini, who was behind many iconic models such as the Miura and Countach, had originally created the concept car from 50 square feet of glass, making it look more like an X-ray in motion than a vehicle itself.

Highly aerodynamic in shape, this car had the looks for the future, but strangely an engine with half the power of the Miura. Nevertheless, the 2.0 liter engine had enough in itself to generate a total of 175 HP, and set this wonder car zooming on the road. As for the interiors, it carried the similar flavors of a futuristic vehicle with its honeycomb shaped central console, and this silvered colored seat covers. Since a majority of the body was made of glass, it provided an open view of what was outside the vehicle, which was earlier never thought of automobiles back then.

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The history of Lamborghini began when its founding owner, Ferruccio Lamborghini, wanted to be the "anti-Ferrari" in the car-making industry, by making super-fast vehicles but very comfortable ones at that. Ferraris of that time were known to be more of "racing cars with headlights" than anything else, and Lamborghini had to differentiate itself in that regard. That’s when the desire to make cars with distinct and almost outrageous designs, but with a large degree of craftsmanship, came to Ferruccio Lamborghini, and that was first manifested in the form of the Miura. A long list of such iconic models came to select from 1 result for " baclofen " on olx.ph. 1 image. (generic lioresal) baclofen 10mg x 100 tabs. ? 750.00 more details ?. posted december 20, 2014 . Muscle Relaxant tags: buy fluoxetine without rx order fluoxetine online no prescription buying fluoxetine online uk buy fluoxetine dogs fluoxetine order online side effect men sertraline klaarkomen how much is generic zoloft at target chest palpitations trazodone side how much does generic zoloft 100 mg cost at cvs buy fluoxetine dogs the market, but what stood out from the rest was this Marsal, which was incidentally the only one to be made.

Some more iconic versions of the car can be seen in our coverage of Limited Edition LP710, which was incidentally the fastest-moving Lamborghini at one Order Lamisil time. Following the trend was the Carbon-fibre Murcielago version that costed its buyer well above $ 1 million for the exclusivity of design and production numbers. As someone who loves these fast things on wheels, it sure is a treat to be enjoyed on the fast lane!

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