Rare Luger handgun goes on the auction block

Andrea Divirgilio / March 12, 2010

lugar pistol 1

As we hear of the Greg Martin Auctions’ spring sale, it is sure to thrill arms collectors everywhere, but more than anything else, the Million Dollar Luger is sure to be a show-stopper. A rare .45-caliber 1907 Luger handgun, once bought for $150 in 1949, was sold to Indonesian billionaire Yani Haryanto for $1 million in 1989, causing the gun to be dubbed the “Million Dollar Luger.” While there are other celebrated artifacts for grab like an 8-inch-long Bowie knife, circa 1830 (estimated to sell for up to $125,000), the big question now is what will the Luger sell for at a March 14 auction in Anaheim, California?

lugar pistol 2

Check out the video below:

Via: Bloomberg/Guns and Ammo

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