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Rare Star Wars poster is estimated to fetch $8,000 at Vintage Movie Posters auction

Andrea Divirgilio / July 17, 2012

An American epic space saga created by George Lucas in 1977, Star Wars, which instantly became a pop culture phenomenon has so far earned three generation of loyal and loving fans and billions in merchandising, thus becoming the world’s most popularly known media franchise in sci-fi genre. Every now and then, we see something related to Star Wars offered on sale, like the custom Stormtrooper Star Wars bicycle, Star Wars R2-D2 home theater, the R2-D2 DVD projector, solid gold Star Wars figurines for wealthy sci-fi lovers, besides the euphoria created by sci-fi lovers at one of the largest Star Wars memorabilia auctions. Also, with time, investment grade Star Wars items are becoming increasingly hard to find at auctions, with the majority of original props having been absorbed into private collections. But, now collectors and Star Wars lovers stands a lifetime chance to own one of the rarest Star Wars collectibles, as a 1978 poster from the Star Wars Concert series is up for sale at Heritage’s Vintage Movie posters Signature Auction in Beverly Hills on July 26.

Rare Star Wars poster is estimated to fetch $8,000 at Vintage Movie Posters auction

Historically, when the Star Wars Concert management changed hands back in year 1978, it was decided to design and print a unifying illustration for the incredible film series. And, under the master supervision of acclaimed art-director Suzy Rice, movie-poster artist John Alvin was recruited to craft the final poster, which was however never used at the events nor realized to the public.

For this particular reason, the movie poster now proudly stands as one of the rarest collectibles associated with the series, which even features the holy grail of Star Wars autographs, that too, of its creator George Lucas.

With only a small piece of tape along the top edge marring its pristine state, the poster is said to be in excellent condition, and is expected to sell for $8,000 at the auctions.

Via: PaulFraserCollectibles

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