Rare “Vivid Pink” diamond auctioned for $11.7 million

Andrea Divirgilio / December 2, 2009

vivid pink diamond

That pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude, has been proven once and for all. With the auctioning of the “Vivid Pink” 5 Carat diamond for a staggering $11.7 million, pink has conquered the world’s rare and large stones market. The stone triggered brisk trading in Christie’s autumn sales of Asian and Chinese art in Hong Kong owing to its near perfect pink hue. The South African mined diamond was set in a so-called “cushion – cut” ring by famed jewelers Graff Diamonds. The auctioning smashed all previous price records by fetching $USD 2.2 million per carat. It’s an absolute record which according to Christie’s is not going to be broken for a while now.

Via: SMH/Forbes

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