Ravi Ruia | $ 7 Billion
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Ravi Ruia

Vice-Chairman of Essar Group

Net Worth $ 7 Billion
Ravi Ruia heads the Essar Group which was founded in 1969
  • Birthday1st Jan, 70
  • Birth PlaceIndia
  • Marital statusMarried
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Ravi Ruia heads the Essar Group which was founded in 1969.Presently he is the Vice-Chairman of the company. He consistently ranks among the top ten richest Indians of the world. He lives in London where helped build the Essar Group. The Ruia brothers control almost 77% of the Essar Energy Division. They also owned 33% of Vodafone Essar but later sold it to Vodafone for £3.1 billion.   Ravi Ruia is the VC of the steel-to-retail conglomerate Essar Group raised $3 billion by listing Essar Energy Holdings on the London Stock Exchange or LSE. He has moved to London for this purpose and operates from the corporate office in Berkeley Street, London. The estimated personal wealth is pegged at $5.6 billion.   Like all other billionaires, Ravi too likes to take a vacation once in a while His favorite holiday spot is South of France and he loves spending weekends there. In fact he splurged in the wedding of his daughter in Mumbai. There were 4000 guests including Richard Branson and Richard Marx. Ravi spends a lot of time in their homes in Mumbai and London. He also owns a farmhouse in Gujarat. He has bought a home in New Delhi for $16.44 million. The house spreads over 2.24 acres of land and boasts of a colonial lawn and a huge swimming pool. There is a saying that a billionaire feels incomplete without his own yacht. Ravi too owns a 280 foot teal and white yacht that can accommodate 16 guests. It features 3 VIP suites, 4 guest cabins and a suite exclusively for the owner.   Ravi Ruia was born in 1944 to a family who used to run a small business. Ravi Ruia and his brother took over the business in 1969. In 1990s the Ruia's opened India's first Iron Sponge Plant and followed it by a full fledged steel plant. They also set up the first mobile phone service in India. Ravi is well known for his entrepreneurial skills. He graduated from Anna University with an Engineering degree. He is married and has two children. He is the 4th richest businessman in India and the 40th richest in the world


  • Over the next two to three years, we are focusing on sweating the assets which will result in a significant volume and margin growth. With no major capital expenditure planned, these companies will have significant free cash flows to redeploy.

Did you know?

  • He and named Brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia as the worlds first richest Indians with a net worth of US$7 billion by Forbes.
  • He is a mechanical engineer by profession with a degree from College of Engineering,Guindy - Anna University in Chennai, India
  • He was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability award at The Asian Awards in London.
  • He is the 12th richest person living in the united kingdom, as in the Sunday times rich list 2011.

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