Raymond Weil tells it’s watchmaking story in the short film ‘Precision Is My Inspiration’

Andrea Divirgilio / May 10, 2013

Luxury watchmaker Raymond Weil had indeed stepped up it’s presence at Baselworld 2013 event. The brand showcased it’s watchmaking history and the addiction of precision as being cornerstones of it’s watchmaking expertise with the new 4 min 14 second short film, ‘Precision is my Inspiration’. As a part of the multi-channel promotion and branding campaign, ‘Precision Is My Inspiration’ looks to unveil the intimate relationship between watchmaking and musical symphony, something which the luxury watchmaker holds dear to it’s horological DNA. This short film about the Swiss watch brand sheds new light on how art and precision are connected to the art or science of making timepieces.

The short film shows the art of watchmaking; techniques, expertise and savoir-faire, as known to the watch connoisseurs and aficionados of fine horology. Like the best things in the world are made with precision, the art of fine watchmaking is all about striving for excellence. What is also very interesting, is that music is also of something similar in essence. Just like musician tunes his/her instrument precisely for perfect musical reproduction, the finest and most precise watches are constructed holding similar principles. How it is finally works on the similar path, ‘Precision is my inspiration’ will show graphically with Beethoven’s enchanting tunes in the background.

Raymond Weil and it's 'Precision is my inspiration' campaign tells how the story of watchmaking and music making have a similar core

Via: Raymond Weil

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