Readybot does your dishes pretty much your way!

Andrea Divirgilio / February 28, 2008

readybot main

Futuristic kitchen robots have already made their debut and the latest in the line is the Readybot, a kitchen-cleaning robot. This robot prototype is an upshot of the Readybot Robot Challenge, which aims to construct a general-purpose mobile robot capable of cleaning the kitchen. The team members think of a kitchen-cleaning robot as the breakthrough application for consumer robotics. The cute bot looks like a white enamel box with wheels, 2 human-sized arms and retro chrome styling, very much like a dishwasher, with arms. Interestingly, it takes the same space as a dishwasher. Once activated, it comes out, uses several antenna-like cameras, and raises itself up to human height to begin work. It does everything for you – it picks up cups, bowls, and plates, dumps food, loads the dishwasher, scrapes and scrubs the countertop. For now, the prototype robot is able to do 30-40% of the daily kitchen chores, but the hope to increase the efficiency to 80%. Slowly and steadily, we are moving into a futuristic era where robots will be commonly seen helping around the house, performing all the household chores just like humans. I would personally love to see the Readybot hit the shelves.

via EuroInvestor

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