Real Estate Beat: Mushroom House goes on sale for $1.1 million
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Real Estate Beat: Mushroom House goes on sale for $1.1 million

Real Estate Beat: Mushroom House goes on sale for $1.1 million

Mushroom House

List Price: $1.1 million

The Property: This special mushroom home is creation by James H. Johnson and is inspired by the stems of Queen Anne’s lace. The house is built in Perinton, a suburb of Rochester in 1971, and became a town landmark in 1989. It has more than 4,000 square feet of living space and has been featured in television programs many a times.

Physical Address: 142 Park Road, Perinton near Powder Mills Park south of Bushnell's Basin, New York .

The Setting: Sitting on 1.2 acres of land, this house looks like it has become a reality as was in Alice in Wonderland. The house is a series of five interconnected pods located on a hill at the tree line, just like the homes in the original Smurfs series, a 3D movie, and is furnished with five rooms; a master bedroom suite, fountain-furnished family room, a guest suite, a patio, and a three-car garage. The pods are 30 feet in diameter and weigh 80 tons.

Interiors & Exteriors: The house is an epitome of art work of one of its kind, as the designer has kept the minutest details in mind. Each door is made of special mahogany wood designed by Wendell Castle and the unique walls and ceilings which have been sand-molded and decorated by various other artists. One of the best features of the house is the carvings on the family room below the pods which connects to the pods through a tunnel. The house is well equipped with the basic amenities like laundry, glass fire place, zoned air conditioning, oven, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. The house is well decorated with 9,000 ceramic tiles that cover the inside of the home, which were all hand-fired by previous owner Marguerite Antell.

Contacts: The house is retailed under Rich Testa.

Via: Luxury Homes

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