The real estate trend with billionaires is investing in US property market
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The real estate trend with billionaires is investing in US property market

The real estate trend with billionaires is investing in US property market

Real Estate Mansions for billionaires


A few years ago, when most of the world faced a severe recession, markets for all kinds of goods and services saw a slump in demand and productivity and hence the following decrease in prices of some. One of those industries was the real estate segment which saw a stagnancy in prices across different places in the world. As per recent updates, some unique cities such as London there was a rise in price whereas the rest of the U.K. remained stagnant. In India, the capital city of Delhi has seen a rise in prices, whereas its financial capital Mumbai saw a decline and stagnancy. But for those who have managed to still amass the millions, have continued to invest in luxury variety of real estate across the world, which includes the recent trend of Russian Oligarchs investing in the United States. Infact, billionaires worldwide are investing in the US real estate market. Check-out after the jump the real estate investments made by them.  

1) Duke Semans Mansion

The Duke Semans Mansion


Owner: Carlos Helu Slim


Nationality: Mexico


zoloft generic form zoloft cheap cheap zoloft Price of mansion: $44 million


For a considerable amount of time, the buyer of the Duke Seamans mansion was kept under wraps, when investigations revealed the buyer as being Mexican telecom tycoon, Carlos Helu Slim. The mansion in question is a 1901 Beaux arts house which was owned by the family until order Orlistat 2006, when it was bought over by fertilizer magnate Tamir Sapir, and by Carlos Helu Slim recently. Inside the house, there are 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a doctor’s office in the basement, and a vintage wooden fireplace along with some artistic beaux arts work on the walls, but much is not yet known because of the limited access to the insides. The size of the mansion is pegged at a total of 20,000 sqft which include the multiple floors of the mansion.


2) The Manor

The Spelling Manor


Owner: Petra Ellecstone


Nationality: United Kingdom


Price on mansion: $150 million


This mansion which is spread of 4.7 acres of prime real estate, which includes plush natural surroundings and thematic interiors, is now owned by the daughter of British F1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. Surprisingly she never revealed the news of the purchase until it was probed by the media! The mansion question is French style chateau with thematic interiors including the double staircase based on the movie ‘Gone with the wind’, and a suite named after Prince Charles. In terms of area, it also beats the White House which is known as one of the best public mansions in country. Also featuring inside the home, is 14 bedrooms, separate gift wrapping room, bowling alley, beauty salon and a car parking for 100 vehicles, and of course the main courtyard which features a vintage artificial fountain. This home which is called ‘The Manor’ was earlier owned by Candy Spelling, who is the widow of television producer Aaron Spelling.


3) Silicon Valley French Chateau

Silicon Valley Mansion


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Nationality: Russia


Price: $100 million


Yuri Milner is a Russian oligarch who owns the Moscow based Digital Sky Technologies, and has notable stakes in Facebook, Groupon, and even Zynga. This 25,500 sq ft, mansion is based on a total of 11 acres of buy Lithium land and has some of the best views of the San Francisco Bay. Its accommodation facilities include the 5 massive bedrooms and 9 bathrooms which are located on the 2nd floor with view of the bay. Recreational areas include the wine cellar, ballroom, tennis court and swimming pool which are located on the ground floor which one can access via the central courtyard around which the mansion is generously spread.


4) New York Townhouse

Len Blavatnik manhattan home


Owner: Len Blavatnik


Nationality: Russia

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Price: $51 million


Russian oil magnate went on a real estate investment spree in New York which included this mansion in prime New York. Blavatnik is the founder of Access Industries which has interests in oil and also a significant interest in Warner Music Group which has the mansion’s previous owner, Edgar Brafman as the chairman and CEO. Like some luxury private homes, not much details are known but this house is known to be redesigned to fit a bronze shaded waxed steel vestibule, 2.5 storied indoor piazza with Nigerian fertility statue, secret stairways, a master bedroom, children’s bedroom, and a glass floored buy valacyclovir online library terrace.


5) Star Island

Vladislav Doronin's $16 Million house


Owner: Vladislav Doronin


Nationality: Russia


Price: $16 million

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The Star Island, as the mansion is known by, belonged to basketball star Shaq O Neal who bought it after a lot of its value was corroded by the worsening real estate market of that time. If sources are to be believed, this mansion was sold to the current owner, Vladislav Doronin at a loss of $2 million after the initial price was said to be $18 million which the basketball star paid to own this house. Facilities of the mansion include a 6-car garage, tennis court, dock, 2-bedroom guest house, indoor basketball court, swimming pool with superman logo, gymnasium, 8 main bedrooms, steam and sauna rooms. For those who do not know who Mr. Doronin is; he is a Russian real estate entrepreneur who became famous for dating supermodel Noami buy cheap atarax, generic name hydroxyzine online category anti-depressant/anti-anxiety. buy atarax Campbell.

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