Real-life Oracle Tower apartment in New York goes on rent for $50k per month
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Real-life Oracle Tower apartment in New York goes on rent for $50k per month

Real-life Oracle Tower apartment in New York goes on rent for $50k per month

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It’s almost tragic for comic lovers, that most of what they read about doesn’t have replications in reality, baring a few exceptions. One of
them is the Oracle Tower in New York, which is stated to go up on the realty market for a monthly rent of $50,000. Straight out of the tales of Batman, this apartment stands as a penthouse on top of building on New York’s upscale area of Main Street, which is the closest in resemblance to the description of Gotham City, where tales of Batman are mainly based in.

The apartment may not have the satellite-linked devices and other gizmos like Batman does, for fighting crime, but has a definite aura of propecia jones cheap propecia
exclusivity about itself. Apart of the prime central location, the interiors of the apartment have been done up with as close a resemblance to the one in the comic, especially with the giant clocks on the four main windows of the apartment. The interiors otherwise are done up on a minimalistic theme with primarily white woodwork, marble kitchen tops, stainless steel lamps sheds and kitchen cabinets. Though the four walls all have giant clocks, some smaller ones have also been made for the comprehensive aerial view of New York City. The apartment
itself has a 3000 square foot main floor, which also has the kitchen and the ceilings here are 16 feet in height. The floor above that has three bedrooms, and the area of the floor is around 2300 sq ft. The top most floor mainly has the loft, which is 988 sq ft with a 15 foot ceiling, and eventually leading to an open terrace above it. Also the apartment has been given its exclusive elevator which allows for the owner to go on higher floors without using the staircases.

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This only leaves one wondering about the insulation of the apartment during extreme weather conditions in the city, especially the winters,
but considering the exclusivity of the place, appropriate arrangements can be expected.

Via: Comics Alliance/ Newsarama

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